The KryoInnoNetz is a research and development network. In a joint venture small and medium sized companies and research institutions develop products and processes to make use of cryogen fuel in combustion engines. The basis of the cryogen fuel are natural and biogas.


Regional Energy Conversion - Local Energy Utilisation

Based on the aspects of a decentralised and diverse energy supply the network aims to establish regional supply chains to produce and utilise cryogen fuel. Especially at centres of environmental pollution the cryogen fuel lend itself to be utilised as a replacement for diesel and dead oil. The origin of the fuel is provided by liquefied natural gas and supplementary by biogas in liquefied form. For the realisation of this scheme of a regional circular economy of energy supply the network partners address a variety of thematic priorities.

Research and Development Priorities

  • The production of biogas in fuel qualitiy. This includes the cleaning and upgrading of biogas to a methan level of about 96 per cent, while at the same time reducing harmful substances and the deep freezing of the gas to provide it in liquefied form.
  • The development of stationary and transportable cryo container in different dimensions as the foundation of the supply chain logistics.
  • The conception of the supply as a time-critical logistic chain to factor in the warming of the cryo fuel, as well as existing structures and requirements..
  • The utilisation of the cryo fuel in diesel engines. This includes the development of procedures and modules to modify diesel engines to allow the direct injection of the cryo fuel into the combustion chamber.

Network Partners and Funding

The participating partners are businesses and research institutions from different branches and fields. The network is further supplemented by additional international associated partners.

If you are interested to join us or looking for cooperation in the fields of LNG and LBG, please contact us.

The network is funded by the federal ministry for economic affairs and energy within the funding programme "Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand" (ZIM http://www.zim-bmwi.de).